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Read the New MUN Magazine: UNMOD

Read the New MUN Magazine: UNMOD

Welcome to the first issue of UNMOD: The Model UN Magazine for Model UN People! The new UNMOD Magazine will be published twice per year, at the end of the fall semester and during the spring semester. Our inaugural issue features seven feature pieces, two of our most...

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Unlocking the World with Model UN


Yale Model Government Europe- Budapest

Yale Model Government Europe simulates the European Union and the EU Council of Ministers. YMGE is a sub-body of the Yale International Relations Association.

Harvard Model Congress: Madrid

Harvard Model Congress Europe is hosted in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain and simulates US government organizations.

Ivy League Model UN Vietnam

ILMUNC is bringing its conference and committee to Hanoi, Vietnam for the first time! Be a part of the inaugural All-American Delegation and explore Southeast Asia with us!

WEMUN Expo- Beijing

The WEMUN Expo is one of the largest Model UN conferences in Asia, co-hosted by a number of US and international conferences.

Boston Diplomacy Academy

Spend a week this summer improving not only your MUN game, but also your understanding of global politics, international relations, and even your own emotional intelligence.

NATO Security Simulation: Poland

Travel to Poland to explore the international security apparatus that NATO controls. The NATO Security Simulation is the most accurate simulation of NATO and focuses on cyber-security, border integrity, and international security training.

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