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Primer Conference
Dear Delegates, Parents, and Advisors,

Welcome to the 3rd annual All-American Invitational! This conference holds a great opportunity for every level of participant, whether you are just starting out or you are amassing a collection of gavels! The conference provides a free and unique chance to test out your research and arguments prepared for other major conferences. Our invitational runs committees that are also occurring at some of the major conferences throughout the country directly after the invitational. This allows students to get a better feel for the committees they are participating in at conferences such as BOSMUN, NAIMUN, MUNUC, ILMUNC, and HMUN!

Our conference is formatted differently than the major conferences which we believe better suits the students’ ability to cultivate their skills for the rest of their MUN careers! Our small and flexible committees allow participants to find their voices and explore their capabilities with the helpful guidance of our experienced chairs. Our philosophy stands to nurture your abilities rather than force them into a rigid and specific format. The chairs at this conference will not gavel you down or raise their voices, rather they will foster your discussion and politely treat you as a passionate orator. Though our committees have set topics, the chairs will give lots of leeway as to how you would like to tackle the issues facing you.

We hope that you will come and participate in the Invitational as it is an amazing opportunity to improve your skills at a fun conference with many great committees and topics! Remember to keep in mind that unlike other conferences, this conference is free of charge and students may enter on their own without a teacher needed! Register now as spots fill up quickly! Lunch and conference T-shirts are available for purchase!

I hope that you will enjoy the amazing conference we have prepared for you!


Tengi Shiga
Secretary-General, All-American Model UN Invitational
[email protected]

All-American Invitational

Date: January 13, 2018 from 10AM-5PM

Fee: Free, (Lunch + Tshirts Available)

Location: CIC Cambridge, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

Quick Facts about the All-American Invitational:

  • The All-American Invitational is free to register, with paid options that include lunch or a tshirt.
  • Individual students are encouraged to register– students do not need to come with a school.
  • A school may register but registration is limited to 12 students per school only.
  • The initial registration is open to 30 students. Once the Invitational has reached 30 students, we will begin to unlock additional committees to accommodate more students. See the committee list below.
  • Committees will be chaired and crisis directed by All-American mentors and alumni.
  • Position Papers are not required.



Registration Opens: October 1, 2017
Registration Closes: January 13, 2018
Number of Seats Available (updated weekly): 2

Please register for the All-American Invitational using our Eventbrite registration form below:


9.00am Fifth Floor, Venture Cafe Registration will be open from 9-10am
10.00am Fifth Floor, Venture Cafe Opening Remarks
10.15am Committee Rooms Committee Session I
1.00pm Fifth Floor, Venture Cafe Lunch Break
2.00pm Committee Rooms Committee Session II
4.40pm Fifth Floor, Venture Cafe Awards Ceremony
5.10pm Fifth Floor, Venture Cafe Optional Feedback and Review Session

Committee List

International Court of Justice 15 Seats Topic Brief
Expo Astana 30 Seats Topic Brief
Corruption Committee of the Latvian Parliament  18 Seats Topic Brief
Kurdistan Regional Government (Iraqi Kurdistand) 14 Seats Topic Brief
1956 Hungarian Revolution: Ad Hoc Committee 1 18 Seats Handed Out Day of Conference
1956 Hungarian Revolution: Ad Hoc Committee 2 18 Seats Handed Out Day of Conference
Locked committees will unlock as soon as open committees are filled. Topic Briefs will be published for all unlocked committees by December 20th, except for the Ad Hoc Committee, which will receive details and briefs on the day of the Invitational.


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