Schools Program

Our primary objective in the Model UN and Model Government community is to encourage, promote, and strengthen schools. Together we can raise the level of skill, preparation, and debate.


We feel it is our responsibility to give back to the community which has supported us so generously. The All-American Model UN School Program is designed to elevate the level of Model UN skills in the United States. Like many people, we’ve noticed that a few top schools have come to dominate major conferences. This is our effort to help those schools with new or developing programs.

Benefits of being an All-American School

We’ve developed a number of ways in which becoming an All-American Model UN School can benefit your program. Here’s what we can provide:

  • Unlimited access to All-American Model UN online training tutorials and online courses;
  • Access to our simulation and background guide library set to release in January 2016;
  • Teachers will have Model UN lesson plans sent to their schools in September and January of each year;
  • Up to two custom workshops in your school per year;
  • Students will benefit from All-American Model UN School discounted tuition rates for international programs;
  • Free All-American Model UN consulting for hosting your own Model UN conference in conjunction with Education in Motion;

Additional Benefits for All-American Schools

All-American Schools also come with the following options for those schools that are interested. Click on an option title for more information.

Professional Development
Dedicated Saturday Training
International Conference Coordination
Conference Roster Consultation

How to become an All-American Model UN School

Alumni Membership

After a student has participated in an All-American Model UN Program, we will gladly extend free 1-year participation in the All-American Model UN School Program. If one of your students has participated on one of our programs, please contact us.

Applying for Membership

We want the process of becoming an All-American Model UN School to be as easy as possible. Please complete and submit this online application and you will be contacted by our team to finalize your registration.

There is a nominal yearly membership due of $150. This fee covers all of the printing and shipping costs, and additionally helps us work with only serious schools and programs. Programs may apply for a dues waiver if they meet any of the following conditions:

  1. If one of your students has participated in an All-American Model UN Program over the past three years, you qualify as an Alumni School.
  2. If you have received a sponsorship from one of our partner conferences;
  3. If your organization has yet to attend a conference hosted by a university or non-profit in the United States.

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