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The Best Model UN Training on the Planet

We know that you have many choices for what to do with your summer. The All-American Diplomacy Academy accepts students who want to become better delegates, students, and global citizens. Beyond teaching you how to win at Model UN conferences, we want our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

I want to apply for a seat.

“The mentors’ ability to foster close connections within the students is something that I’ve never had with anyone else, and I can say that EVERYONE else has since become a great friend.”

Eric Yao

Wootton High School (MD)

“Two things are true about the All-American Diplomacy Academy. First, you will become better. And second, you will get better at a lot of different things.”

Noah Riley

Belmont High School (MA), Boston University

“The Diplomacy Academy is what got me hooked on Model UN. It’s been an important part of my life ever since, and now I’m on the NAIMUN Secretariat!'”

Jaebok Lee

Harvard-Westlake (CA), Georgetown University

“It’s obvious All-American knows what they’re doing. They break down Model UN into small component and hone in to make sure everyone knows as much as possible. I improved 10x after the Diplomacy Academy.”

Mpilo Morris

Choate Rosemary Hall (CT)

Improving Your Model UN Skills Through a Skills and Solutions Approach

Who We Are

The All-American Programs have been teaching Model United Nations for over five years and its Director has over 16 years of MUN experience. We believe in improving your Model UN performance by stressing critical analytical and debate skills while also emphasizing solution development.

What We Do

The Boston Diplomacy Academy challenges students to become better delegates. We do this by practicing skills needed to succeed in Model UN, discussing conference strategies, and by diving deep into subject matter. Every student accepted must complete a research project throughout their time at the Academy and students who complete academic articles on their project topics will be published.

Diplomacy Academy Information


The All-American Boston Diplomacy Academy is strictly a merit-based program. All applicants are reviews for their academic achievement, co-curricular leaderships, and Model UN experience. When we evaluate applications for the Academy, we’re looking for students who are committed to improving, not necessarily the most accomplished delegates. The Diplomacy Academy is also an entry way onto the All-American Model UN travel teams.


The Diplomacy Academy will take place at Boston University and is a residential program. We do not offer a commuter option. Students are lodged in a suite style dormitory at 1019 Commonwealth Avenue. Six students share a three bedroom suite with private shower and restroom. Breakfast and a culturally-themed dinner are included with tuition.


Mornings and afternoons will be spent on Model United Nations training. Training includes research and preparation techniques, speaking and debate tournaments, resolution writing, crisis committee planning, directive writing, and unmoderated caucuses exercises. Our goal is to have students be prepared to win awards on the high school and college level.


All students are required to complete a research project over the course of the Diplomacy Academy. Students will give daily updates on their research to all participants and mentors. By the end of the Academy, students must be able to give a defense of their research and may submit an article that will be considered for publication.

What You’ll Learn


General Assembly Strategy

Never be intimidated by large committee again! We’ll teach you our step-by-step guide to General Assemblies so that you can lead large blocs to pass resolutions.

Unmoderated Caucuses

Learn how to easily navigate and control an unmoderated caucus to build a large bloc and pass your draft resolution

Committee Directives

Crisis committee directives shape the way a crisis will play out. Learn how to quickly write directives to control the flow of debate.

Train Your Club

Take our training back to your school to train other members. We’ll give you a ton of resources for you to make your team competitive!

Model UN Procedure

Learn how to use procedure to your advantage to control the flow of debate, speaking times, and voting procedure with advanced motions.


Passing Amendments

Amendments are an overlooked way of staying involved in debate, regardless of the size of your debate. Learn how to structure, introduce, and pass amendments.

Crisis Arcs

Portfolio powers and private directives should direct crisis committees to follow your plan

Crafting a Thesis

Practice crafting a thesis statement and conducting research to prove an academic argument.


Moderated Speeches

Master the 30 second and 45 second speech with simple techniques you’ll be able to apply to conferences and real life scenarios


Draft Resolutions

Try out our tips and tricks to structuring and writing comprehensive draft resolutions sure to pass

Designing Solution Sets

Understand why it’s silly to skip researching. Use our guide to creating solution sets to introduce to committee the moment you walk in the door.

Academic Writing

Like it or not, academic research and writing are the cornerstone of higher education. Learn the proper way to structure, research, and construct an academic article.


Day One: Sunday, July 22

9:30AM: Registration opens at 1019 Commonwealth Avenue
12:30PM: Simulation I: Traditional UN Committee
3:30PM: USA Model UN Procedure Workshop
7:00PM: Argumentation Workshop and Student Presentations

Day Two: Monday, July 23

7:30AM: Breakfast begins in BU Dining Hall
9:30AM: Report Time in Classroom
9:30AM: Moderated and Structured Debate Workshop
11:30AM: Lunch Break
12:30PM: Simulation II: Specialized Agency
3:30PM: Independent Research
6:30PM: Dinner
8:30PM: Case Study Workshop

Day Three: Tuesday, July 24

7:30AM: Breakfast begins in BU Dining Hall
9:30AM: Report Time in Classroom
9:30AM: Unmoderated Debate Strategies Workshop
11:30AM: Lunch Break
12:30PM: Simulation III: Board Room
3:30PM: Independent Research
6:30PM: Red Sox Game

Day Four: Wednesday, July 25

7:30AM: Breakfast begins in BU Dining Hall
9:30AM: Photo-Scavenger Hunt of Boston
12:30PM: Lunch Break
2:30PM: Simulation IV: Crisis Committee
5:30PM: Independent Research
7:30PM: Dinner
8:30PM: Crisis Strategy Workshop

Day Five: Thursday, July 26

7:30AM: Breakfast begins in BU Dining Hall
9:30AM: Report Time in Classroom
9:30AM: Simulation V: Ad Hoc
12:30PM: Lunch Break
1:30PM: Independent Research
5:30PM: Recorded Academic Presentations
7:30PM: Dinner

Day Six: Friday, July 27

7:30AM: Breakfast begins in BU Dining Hall
9:30AM: Report Time in Classroom
9:30AM: Chairing Workshop
12:30PM: Lunch Break
1:30PM: Prep Time
5:30PM: Final Presentations
7:30PM: Dinner

Day Seven: Saturday, July 28

7:30AM: Breakfast begins in BU Dining Hall
10:30AM: Pickup/Departure Time


Student Tuition $1,900 for One-Week Program
  • Lodging in air conditioned Boston University dormitories
  • Breakfast and Dinner every day
  • All social and team activities
  • All program materials, including a copy of All-American Model UN Training Manual and tshirt
  • Mentorship, instruction, and Model UN coaching
  • All in-city transportation during program
  • Transportation to/from the airport, train station, or bus terminal
  • Medical and liability insurance
Payment Details & Options
  • $600 Deposit due within 20 days of acceptance
  • Payment plans available for 3- and 6-months
  • Checks, money orders, and credit cards accepted
Scholarships and Aid
  • Financial Assistance available
  • No offers may not be combined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is All-American Model UN?
All American Model UN has been teaching students Model UN since 2011 in fun and exciting ways while making them not only better delegates, but more informed delegates.

Where is the Diplomacy Academy held?
The Diplomacy Academy is held at the amazing campus at Boston University. This includes access to Boston University resources, as well as the opportunity to explore a city filled with history wherever you look.

What is the Diplomacy Academy?
The Diplomacy Academy is a week-long course in which delegates will be full immersed into the Model UN environment. There teach  Model UN tactics, procedure, research, and how to start winning consistently. In addition to the Model UN training, our students also develop an research project.


What exactly do students do at the Academy?
At the academy you will do activities from Model UN committee simulations to enjoying cultural-themed dinners with the wonderful friends that you will make while you are there. Along with this we also teach delegates proper tactics and procedure for winning in Model UN conferences. There are a variety of activities and everyday will be something new for each student to experience.

Where is the Diplomacy Academy held?
The Diplomacy Academy is held at the amazing campus at Boston University. This includes access to Boston University resources, as well as the opportunity to explore a city filled with history wherever you look.

How do I register? Are all students who apply accepted?
The Diplomacy Academy is a merit-based program. We only have 16 seats each year. Students should apply using our common application found at http://allamericanmun.com/apply. Our common application is used to evaluate students on overall Model UN experience, co-curricular leadership, and academic achievement. For the Diplomacy Academy, we are looking for students with some Model UN experience, but more importantly, for students who are committed to improving as delegates and students.


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