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New Financial Assistance Program in 2017

The All-American Model UN Programs is excited and proud to announce a redesigned financial assistance program. The new FinAid program will allow more students the opportunity to participate on our transformative programs, traveling the world with a team of dedicated, passionate peers and mentors.

The goal of the program is to meet 80% of all financial assistance requests. Financial assistance will take many forms. The three main categories are: scholarships, grants, and payment plans.

Model UN Scholarships

All-American Model UN Scholarships are merit based financial assistance. Below are the scholarships that we will be offering from February 2017 to January 2018. Scholarships awarded may be applied to any program, except for the NAIMUN team, during that time period.

  • $500 Dual Gavels Scholarships: In honor of our logo, which is a pair of “dueling” gavels, we will give out a $500 scholarship to students that have a pair of gavels from two separate major conferences. Major conferences include HMUN, PMUNC, ILMUNC, MUNUC, BMUN, and NAIMUN.
  • $500 AP Scholar Scholarships: Students who have received a score of 5 on any three AP exams are eligible for the AP Scholar Scholarship.
  • All-American Primer Scholarships: The All-American Model UN Programs runs a free, one-day Model UN conference called the All-American Primer. Students who have won Best Delegate receive $500, Outstanding Delegate $250, and Honorable $100.
  • $100 Gavel Award: Starting to collect gavels? We’ll give you $100 for every gavel you have from a Major or Mid-Major conference. Mid-Major conferences include YMUN, BosMUN, JHUMUNC, SMUNC, CMUNC, TrojanMUN, CIMUN, WAMUNC, MUNUM, RUMUN, BUSUN, and WMHSMUN.


All-American Model UN Grants are need-based financial assistance. Accepted students will receive information about applying for an All-American Grant. Grants may not exceed 50% of the total tuition due and cannot cover airline expenses.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are our most popular form of financial assistance. Rather than pay the all of the tuition upfront, we can help to split it up over as many as 10-months, lowering the up front commitment. We do not charge interest on payment plans. They are made available simply to help families budget.

Apply Today!

Apply to the All-American Programs today and get started with our community! All financial assistance is available once you are accepted.
Frank Pobutkiewicz

Call for All-American Model UN Applications

All-American Model UN History

We are a Model UN community of high school students from across the United States and a dedicated team of mentors and advisors. We operate a series of merit-based travel teams that attend Model UN and Model Government conferences in Hungary, China, India, and Latin America, as well as a Summer Academy in Boston. Over the past five years, we have worked with over 100 students, 65% of whom go on to attend top 30 US universities. We have attended 13 conferences, and our teams have won Best Delegation in all but one. Our students win personal awards 94% of the time, and after, they have a higher award percentage in US conferences with their school teams.

Qualified Students

We evaluate student applications in three parts: 1) Academic Performance and Course Rigor, 2) Co-Curricular Leadership, and 3) Model United Nations experience. The best applicants will have won at least one Model UN award from a multi-day, college-hosted conference, such as those listed below. Please note: This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Harvard Model UN (HMUN)
  • Model UN at the University of Chicago (MUNUC)
  • Princeton Model UN Conference (PMUNC)
  • Berkeley Model UN (BMUN)
  • Ivy League Model UN Conference (ILMUNC)
  • North American Invitational Model UN (NAIMUN)
  • Standard Model UN Conference (SMUNC)
  • USC Trojan Model UN (TrojanMUN)
  • Yale Model UN (YMUN)
  • Washington Area Model UN Conference (WAMUNC)
  • Boston Invitational Model UN (BosMUN)
  • Chicago Invitational Model UN (CIMUN)
  • Johns Hopkins Model UN Conference (JHUMUNC)
  • Brown University Model UN Simulation (BUSUN)
  • Model UN at the University of Michigan (MUNUM)

International Travel Delegations

Every year, the All-American Model UN Travel Delegations attend four international conferences around the globe. Each contributes a unique learning perspective. In November, we attend the Yale Model Government Europe conference in Budapest, Hungary; in March, we attend the Harvard Summit of the Americas, a Model OAS, in Latin America; and in the summer, we attend the WEMUN Expo as Assistant Directors in Beijing, China and Harvard Model UN India in Hyderabad, India.

Boston Diplomacy Academy

For students looking to sharpen their Model UN skills and broaden their academic perspective, the Boston Diplomacy Academy takes place in July and offers one week and two week sessions. All our students from last year have gone on to win multiple Model UN awards in 2016-2017. By the end of the Academy, every student must complete an independent research project. The best research papers are then selected for publication in an academic journal.

New Financial Aid Program

We are excited to roll out a revamped Financial Aid Program for students. Understanding the high price tag of international travel, our hope is to have all of our programs more affordable for more students. The goal of the new financial aid program is to ensure 80% of those who apply receive some form of financial assistance. Students may apply for financial assistance after they have been accepted into the All-American Programs.

Application Instructions

Applying to the All-American Model UN Programs is easy and straight forward. First, complete and submit your online application. You do not need to submit different applications for different programs; one application applies to all programs. The Director will review each application and will accept the application and notify you, ask for supplemental or additional information, request a telephone interview with the applicant, or reject the application with suggestions that will strengthen it for the future.

The All-American Advantage

We believe we have built the most thorough, comprehensive, and educational Model UN programs in the world. Our teams and the Academy have the smallest ratio of mentors to students, averaging less than 8 students to 1 mentor. All of our mentors are professionals who have succeeded in the academic world and as a collegiate Model UN delegate. We believe in fostering community and supporting our members. It is not uncommon to develop close relationships between students, mentors, and families– we have assisted in the college application process, written letters of recommendation, given tours, shared insights into internships and course selection, and have provided sounding boards to students and parents alike.

David Berris

The Value of Model UN: Introducing Our New Editor

gw team at mcgill
Unmoderated Caucus is excited to introduce its new¬†Editor, David Berris, a Model UN veteran and Head Delegate of The George Washington University over the past two years. Learn more about David by reading his biography on our Team page. To introduce David to the community, he authored the following piece on the popular subject of “The Value of Model UN.”

Model United Nations is not just another extracurricular activity. In high school, you have a wealth of options to choose from and if you thought those were a lot, just wait until you get to college. You can be in student council or on a sports team. You could be in the robotics club or in the Jazz band. All of these choices are great, and if you are interested in them, then you should join them. But you ought to know that when I chose to be a part of Model UN, it was unlike any other student organization that I have ever been a part of.

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Frank Pobutkiewicz

Open Letter to My Students: Past, Present, and Future

AllAmerican Model UN Team WEMUN Expo
Dear All-American Model UN Family,

Each year I try to write an open letter to address the progress that we’ve made with the All-American Model UN Programs. It has been another exciting year of change, growth, and challenges. Generally, my open letters are addressed to my colleagues and acquaintances. This year, I thought it wiser to directly thank all of the students that I’ve encountered over the past three years.

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