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Student Ambassador Programs

Over 50% of our students participate on multiple programs with the All-American Model UN Programs. Now, the more programs in which you enroll, the greater the savings on tuition.

There’s only one way to know

After looking over our history, we’ve realized that our students are as committed to the All-American Model UN Programs as we are to them. Our goal has never been to create a “one and done” relationship, and the friendships and mentorships formed have made working with high school students even more important to us.

We now offer four discounted programs that students and programs can choose from to continue working with us over long periods of time. Additionally, we offer two programs at highly discounted rates to any alumni who wish to participate.

You must first apply and be accepted into the All-American Model UN Programs before you may enroll in any of the following programs.  To apply, submit an online application through the MUN Portal or go to http://allamericanmun.com/apply.


Spring Exploration Program

Take advantage of going to multiple conferences all over the world.

Tuition: $1,900

HMUNC Madrid + ILMUNC Vietnam
Tuition: $2,800

NAIMUN + HMC Madrid + ILMUNC Vietnam
Tuition: $3,200


European Government Program

Compare the governments, cultures, and working styles of European society.

Tuition:       $4,000 ($400/mo*)
Includes:    NATO Security Simulation (Warsaw) and YMGE (Budapest)


Summer Ambassador Program

Gain first hand experience in the emerging states of China and Poland during the summer.

Tuition:       $5,800 ($580/mo*)
Includes: WEMUN (Beijing) + NATO Security Simulation (Warsaw)



Global Citizen Program

Design your own custom program! Choose from any of the following programs and receive discounts based on the number of programs you register for: 10% for two, 15% for three, 20% for four programs.

  • Harvard Model Congress (Madrid)
  • ILMUNC Vietnam (Hanoi)
  • NATO Simulation (Warsaw)
  • WEMUN Expo (Beijing)
  • Yale Model Government Europe (Budapest)



Discounted Programs for Alumni

Students who attend any one international travel program can receive the following discounted tuition rates:

Boston Diplomacy Academy: $1,900 $950
NAIMUN Washington D.C.:
$800 $400


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